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The Haus Kaltshmieden was renovated on land that has been in the family for generations. Accordingly, the architects took great measures to maintain the farmhouse’s character as they enhanced its design features to provide a beautiful home. Locally-sourced White fir was chosen for the exterior, which also complements the airy, living space on the interior.

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Although strengthened structurally during the renovation process, the original shape of the rustic farmhouse remained intact as the architects reconfigured a modern, yet comfortable living space inside the home. Large open spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows provide a natural-lit luminosity throughout the interior that is as healthy as it is inviting.

According to the architects, the home’s timber facade and interior installations were cut and built by hand in order to cut costs and reduce transportation costs and emissions. The wooden floor was made using the old wooden beams from the original farmhouse and the bricksused to lay the foundation were hand molded with clay by the homeowners.

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