Bicycles are our favorite form of transportation during the breezy summer months, but the stormy season is right around the corner and everyone knows that riding a bike through the rain is the quickest route to getting soaked. Enter the Bite Bike, a sleek aerodynamic shell that snaps onto any bicycle to provide protection from the elements once the weather turns for the worse. Bike commuters rejoice!

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One of the entries in the 2009 James Dyson Awards, the Bite Bike consists of a modular windshield and canopy that easily snaps onto any bike frame. The designers have gone through extensive wind tunnel testing to create an aerodynamic windshield that will stand up to strong gusts — and won’t act as a sail that sends you careening into traffic. They also stress that they focused on sourcing sustainable materials for the project, and have designed parts that can be efficiently produced through thermoforming.

Sure, you’re likely to see a decrease in speed due to the Bite Bike’s added bulk, but who likes sprinting face-first into a downpour anyway? As someone who regularly relies on a bike for transportation I’ve been wishing for just such a solution for years!

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