Bike Nation just announced plans to work with the City of Long Beach to launch a new bike-sharing program in what has been dubbed “America’s Most Bicycle-Friendly City”. The privately-funded program has been approved unanimously by the Long Beach City Council and will include up to 250 kiosks and 2,500 bikes, with initial installations expected to begin early in 2013.

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With agreements already in place in the cities of Los Angeles and Anaheim, Bike Nation allows its customers to utilize any of the systems within the other communities at no additional charge. Last month, the Orange County-based company unveiled the first of 10 kiosks and 100 specially constructed bikes at a community event in Anaheim, with plans to install up to 40 kiosks and 400 bikes as demand warrants. The company has already said it plans to start rolling out the first of its 400 kiosks and 4,000 bikes in Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Westwood and Venice Beach early next year.

“The City of Long Beach has long been considered a leader in investment in bike infrastructure and programming, creating safer roads for its riders and cleaner air for its residents,” said Derek Fretheim, Bike Nation Chief Operating Officer. “Bike Nation is proud to provide Long Beach residents and visitors alike with a low-cost, healthy and convenient transportation option that will connect with Los Angeles to Anaheim.”

Established in 2009, Bike Nation is the only North American bike share company that owns and manufactures its own “Made in the USA” compliant bikes and equipment. The bikes are chainless and feature active GPS technology and airless tires, reducing the need for on-road service. The kiosks are modular, portable, wirelessly connected and also solar powered so that monitoring and load balancing is easily managed.

“This state-of-the-art Bike Share program will serve local residents, businesses and visitors,” said Bob Foster, City of Long Beach Mayor. “Bicycling is helping to promote business growth as well as a healthy, active lifestyle.  And this new partnership will continue to move us forward to becoming the most bicycle friendly city in the nation.”

Excited by the prospect? Well, then you’ll also like the prices. The usage fees for the bicycle share system are incentivized for turnover and trips of less than 30 minutes in duration with a single 24-hour membership priced at $6, with discounts for three-day ($12), weekly ($25), monthly ($35), yearly ($75) and yearly student/senior rentals ($50).

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