Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates recently spoke out against denying climate change during a student question-and-answer session at Columbia University in New York City earlier this month. Joined by fellow monied person Warren Buffett, the Microsoft founder also called for greater innovation in clean energy. He said, “Certain topics are so complicated like climate change that to really get a broad understanding is a bit difficult and particularly when people take that complexity and create uncertainty about it”.

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And Gates is more than happy to put his money where his mouth is. In December, he and a team of investors said they would pump more than $1 billion into Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a fund that invests in technologies that will curtail the planet’s greenhouse-gas emissions.

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We need to find energy that’s “reliable, cheap, and clean,” he said, before promising that “the innovations there will be profound.”

He added, “There are many paths to get to where we need to go”. Perhaps another billionaire we know should pay attention?

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Via U.S.A. Today