A multimedia artist, an animator, and a movie producer have teamed up to make an enchanting short film around the ability that some organisms have to produce light. Tarek Mawad, Friedrich Van Schoor and Achim Treu created the “Bioluminescent Forest”; a 4-minute film in which they give plants, mushrooms, insects, and frogs bioluminescent qualities. Created using digital mapping, the brilliant piece enhances the natural beauty of the forest and its creatures.

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“Bioluminescent Forest” is a 4-minute-long short film around the enchanting shimmer of naturally glowing organisms. The bioluminescent phenomenon is surprisingly common in nature, and occurs widely in marine vertebrates, some fungi, and of course, fireflies. But a group of three artists have decided it to fake the natural emission of light to enhance other life forms, using digital mapping and causing no harm to their subjects.

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In this enchanting film, we can spot various plants, mushrooms, spider webs, lichens, insects, and a frog twinkling and shimmering against the darkness of a forest dawn. The film took six weeks to make, and accentuates the natural beauty of the world around us.

The team has also made a cool behind-the-scenes video to get a more in-depth glimpse into their magical project.

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