The last year has made most people more germ-conscious than ever before. Most of us have become paranoid about things we used to take for granted. Hugs and handshakes? Uh, no. Flying on a plane sounds completely out of the question to many people. For those who want to up their safety game beyond hand sanitizers and masks, there’s a new coverall bodysuit called BioRomper.

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Noah Friedman, Arielle Crawford, Ed McCabe and Evan Boyd launched the new product last October. They had seen images of super-cautious travelers boarding airplanes in hazmat suits — understandable, but not a good look. So they partnered with a designer in New York City to make a travel-safe suit that was attractive, comfortable and effective. Being eco-conscious folks, it was important to them that they use high-quality recycled materials and skip the plastic packaging.

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The flightsuit offers head-to-toe coverage and an antimicrobial finish. BioRomper uses a silver ion-based antimicrobial agent that destroys or inhibits growth of fungi, bacteria, protozoa or pathogenic viruses. Wearers need not fear picking up germs from seats or armrests. Flip up the hood, and your head’s safe, too. Plus, BioRomper is made in fair-trade-certified factories in the U.S. from recycled polyester and spandex. It’s stretchy, durable and machine washable and dryable, no ironing required. The unisex garment comes in jet black or aviator green.

Each BioRomper comes with a matching mask and a bag for stowing it away between uses. The suit is designed to be worn over your normal clothes. T-shirts or sweatpants will make for an extra comfortable trip. Its four-way stretch fabric is soft and comfortable. Wearers can feel extra confident knowing that the fabric used in BioRomper has undergone testing and validation using AATC100 test methodology. This testing method evaluates the antibacterial properties of textiles, assisting growth inhibition and killing of bacteria.

Friedman and Crawford talked to Inhabitat about BioRomper and the need for protective clothing in an uncertain world.

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Inhabitat: What has the response from the public been to BioRomper so far?

Friedman: It’s been great! Since its inception in October 2020, BioRomper sold out of its first launch with 6-figure revenue within just a few weeks. A community of devout fans and wearers has organically discovered and shared the product, including a number of A-list celebrities who’ve become BioRomper “superfans.” They’ve been featured in Forbes Travel, LOfficial, Grazia, The Zoe Report, among others and have had rave customer reviews since launch.

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Inhabitat: How does the BioRomper suit compare to other protective clothing on the market?

Friedman: We’ve placed an emphasis on style, comfort and peace of mind. We’ve used only the highest quality, sustainably sourced materials, and focused heavily on manufacturing quality and design. We’ve worked with one of the industry’s best suppliers of silver-ion antimicrobial treatment to create the best, most comfortable and most stylish barrier between BioRomper’s wearers and the world around them.

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Inhabitat: Where do you envision people wearing BioRomper?

Friedman: We envision BioRomper being the garment for the future of travel wear. Accessories (suitcases, headphones, etc.) have become staples of our travel routines, but we haven’t yet seen any company become the best-in-class uniform for travelers. We’re hoping and planning for a future where BioRomper is that staple.

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Inhabitat: How do you source the recycled fabric used in BioRomper suits?

Crawford: As a sustainable designer, the majority of my work is in sourcing. Over my career, I’ve curated a large library of fabric suppliers through global textile shows, agencies and networking that meet my eco and ethical standards — we chose this one for its weight, functional finishes and ability to apply our silver-ion antimicrobial technology.

Inhabitat: Do you think this design will still be popular when we finally get through the pandemic? Will people still be thinking about germs?

Friedman: Absolutely. The team behind BioRomper wanted to create something to meet the moment; an innovative new garment that blends fashion and function for anyone on the move in this new normal. They feedback we’ve had and the success we’ve seen, we feel confident that customers will enjoy having a BioRomper far past the pandemic.

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Inhabitat: What else should readers know about BioRomper?

Friedman: We’ve taken great pride to craft and create both a garment and a brand that consumers will love and feel proud to wear. We hope you’ll try a BioRomper to see for yourself the love and care that’s gone into our product.

Right now, BioRomper is available for purchase exclusively from the BioRomper website. The suit costs $249.99. So if you are on the cautious side and want to look chic when you circle the world on an airplane, cross New York City on the subway or dare to board a cruise ship, BioRomper may be the garment that keeps you feeling safe and confident.

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