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The structure is surrounded by a dozen trees of similar size and equal spacing, which made it easier for the building to blend into the environment. Due to this similarity of size and placement, the appearance of the grove seems unchanged by the presence of architecture.

The reflectivefacadeis made of aluminized polyester film which has more than 90 percent UV reflectivity in the range of 200-400nm wavelength. It may not be perceivable by the human eye, but its special material is visible to birds and prevents them from hitting the structure.

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The structure is configured as a skinny assemblage of rectangular and triangular mirror-like surfaces mounted onto a wooden substructure. Openings of various sizes and depths look like floating windows and doors and accentuate the surrounding landscape. Visitors can use these openings to get acquainted with the structure and the visual trickery at play, and understand the differences between the real and the mirrored landscape. Built-in benchesallow visitors to relax and take their time to observe the building and enjoy the framed views.

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