Black Tea Motorbikes has just started production of its first model, the Bonfire. This is an off-road electric motorcycle that aims to combine the efficiency of a scooter with the off-road capability of a motorcycle.

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Black Tea motorbike in front of a stone house

“Our ambition has been to create a motorbike that would serve as a powerful exploration tool but also as an everyday commuter without breaking the bank,” said Black Tea Motorbikes CEO Viktor Sommer. “Thanks to the high power density and state-of-the-art motor control, the Bonfire is the ultimate explorer motorcycle.”

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Close up of the Bonfire bike

Recently, we have seen electric motorbikes with improving range and capabilities. However, every EV motorbike that claims off-road capabilities is one more feather in the cap of an industry that has lagged in performance compared to traditional gas bikes.

Motorbike parked in front of stairs

The Bonfire tops out at 45 mph (75 kph). This top speed is restricted to 45 kph in Europe to comply with regulations, by an artificial limiter. Meanwhile, the display for the speedometer and other essential info is digital with a blue backlit screen. This display also shows the battery level, a clock, and a trip odometer. The body design and seat are a combination of nostalgic 80s and motocross.

A man tending to the motorbike

Additionally, the bike has a charging time of three hours. The Bonfire also has a WMTC-tested range of 34 miles (55 kilometers) per full charge. This isn’t going to replace a car for long commutes but could work at that range for urban commutes or errands or for a day of riding trails.

The Black Tea EV motorcycle starts at €3,999. In case you were wondering, it is street-legal in both the U.S. and Europe. This price is made possible by the lack of finishing on the bike: exposed bolts roughen up an otherwise sleek appearance.

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