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As evidenced by their exhibition at this year’s NYC Design Week, Blackbody’s stylish chandeliers take full advantage of range of light OLED’s offer as well as their environmental benefits. Unlike conventional light bulbs, OLED light sources are clean products with 0 percent polluting components. Related: Blackbody’s Lamps Use OLED Technology to Create Stirring Lighting Effects

Additionally, OLED’s emit 100 percent “useful light”, which allows for more creativity and range since a larger light surface can be covered. According to Blackbody co-founder, Alessandro Dolcetta, working with OLED opens a wide range of green lighting possibilities, “With no shadows, glare, or heat, OLED fixtures provide soft, flattering and welcoming light. The romantic lighting, when incorporated into dramatic designs, creates a breathtaking display hardly accessible to other electronic lighting options.”

Wanted Design 2014 was one of the French company’s first exibitions since the recent opening of their NYC Showroom in October of 2013. Their chandeliers are available for indoor or outdoor use and come in a variety of designs and colors.

+ Blackbody Lighting Company

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Photos by Mike Chino and Jill Fehrenbacher and Blackbody