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The long-awaited promise of prefab construction is that it would bring us higher quality homes for less money with significant increases in sustainability and resource efficiency. While prefab is certainly maximizing resources during construction, upping the ante for water and energy efficiency and making the construction process fly by like a breeze, we haven’t seen much in the way of price reductions. Hopefully, though, that time has come now that Blu Homes has unveiled their 2015 Product Line and promised price reductions of as much as $140,000. The homes still aren’t cheap by any means, but through the manufacturer’s economies of scale and a growing interest in prefab building, they are able to start passing those cost savings on to the customer.

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“We are trying to do something that is prototypically American—use imagination, determination, and a sense of empowered teamwork to disrupt a traditional industry by offering customers better choices on faster schedules with lower prices. Blu homes celebrate a gracious connection between sun-filled and spacious indoor living and the soulful satisfaction of a seamless link with the natural world.” says Blu Homes CEO Bill Haney. “We are thrilled that our advanced technology development program now allows us to offer our customers homes that are greener, smarter, more spacious and quicker to build, all at lower prices—even as home prices rise across the country.”

Besides the price reductions, Blu has updated their offering of homes to be bigger, better, healthier and more efficient. The homes feature modest increases in square footage with larger and better designed storage spaces (ie. walk-in closets). As for technology upgrades, all of the homes can be controlled with iPad®-based home automation systems for remote management of lighting, media systems, security, and temperature controls. Plus they’ve switched over to all LED lightingand improved the air filtration system to remove toxins and pollutions. Choose from six pre-designed homes, customize the interiors or design your own home to fit your family’s needs. Blu also offers a number of smaller home options for those who don’t need much, but still want high quality.

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