What if your car consumed carbon monoxide instead of spewing it out? Just such a vehicle was unveiled at last month’s SAE Congress in Detroit, which showcased some exciting green trends in the automotive industry. BMW stole the spotlight with its hydrogen-powered 7-series sedan that emits less carbon monoxide than is present in its environment. The car’s engine breaks down and converts carbon monoxide, essentially cleaning the air as it is driven.

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BMW’s carbon cutting sedan features a six-liter hydrogen combustion engine that delivers performance on par with its gas-guzzling counterpart. The vehicle takes a step beyond BMW’s efforts to create a hydrogen/gasoline hybrid with astonishing results: tests conducted by Argonne Laboratories show that the car’s emissions are so low that they are undetectable by standard emissions tests.

It’s certainly true that Hydrogen fueled cars have some critical hurdles to overcome, but developments like this infuse the industry with an uplifting breath of fresh air. BMW currently has no plans for production, but the sedan marks sure signs of future-forward thinking.

Via got2begreen.com