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Serie Architects took inspiration from the Victorian bandstand to create the temporary showroom for BMW during the Olympics. Set on the Waterworks River, the two story space features a glass clad plinth that hovers just above the water on pillars. On top is the open-air showroom that features a collection of BMW cars including the BMW E-Scooter, the BMW i Pedelec concept, the new MINI Rocketman Concept, the BMW i3 Concept, the BMW i8 Concept and the new generation BMW 3 Series Touring. The geometry of the pavilion roofs reflects a similar aesthetic to the geometry of the company’s fuel efficient and light-weight vehicles.

Below the outdoor showroom is a reflecting pool with water sourced from the river below. A series of pumps, strainers, filters and sterilizers (without chemicals) cleans the river water before it enters the pool and spills over the edge of the building in a cascading and animated waterfall. The waterfall is not only beautiful, but also keeps the building cool through evaporation and minimizes the need for climate control. BMW and the Serie Architects also wanted to reduce the carbon footprint of the pavilion’s materials so they selected a high recycled content steel along with other sustainable materials. After the showroom is no longer needed, the nine pavilion roofs will be taken from the building and donated to areas around the city for use as shade structures.

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Images ©Edmund Sumner and Clive Barker (aerial)