We love those massive solar arrays that bring power to the cities. But it is very easy to forget the amount of capital and infrastructure required to bring a project of that scale to life. So how can the developing world benefit from solar power? Well, believe it or not, you can help! (and help yourself at the same time) by purchasing a BoGolight – a solar powered flashlight that is designed and distributed in an ingenious way to provide inexpensive solar power to the rural poor around the world. Not only is the BoGolight a great design: shining for 5 hours straight and lasting 20 years, but with every BoGolight bought in the U.S., another identical solar flashlight will be donated to needy people in developing countries who don’t have access to electricity.

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There are around two billion people living on this planet without easy access to electricity or light. The attempts to solve this problem. So, what is the BoGolight? It is essentially a solar powered flashlight similar to those that you have seen at electronics stores worldwide. So, you may ask yourselves, what makes so intriguing? well “BoGo” stands for Buy one, Give one. In other words, for every light that you purchase, another identical lamp will be distributed by organizations like (United Nations Refugee Agency).

So, if you need a flashlight, you may want to think about this option. After all, what better gift than the gift of light?

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