To lead the way forward into a more sustainable future, it’s going to take the cooperation of individuals and companies. Bonduelle’s new headquarters in Montreal is a perfect example of how design can be sustainable, beautiful and comfortable while still being an ideal and healthy work environment.

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An office space with orange comfortable chairs

Many elements are used to increase productivity, and spaces are made for different working styles. Plants also fill the atmosphere with healthy air. In addition, an advanced ventilation system keeps the air flowing through the space. Nature is honored here, but the design is made to suit the people who will be inside the building.

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Modern bookshelves and desk area

Meanwhile, Station B is where you’ll find the cafeteria. From here, private work areas branch off where each area has windows to bring nature indoors. As for the workplaces, they give employees a variety of options and locations for where they want to work. The design also encourages physical movement throughout the day, as everything is interconnected.

White office cubicles and natural light

In fact, Bonduelle has been focusing on making plant-based products since 1853. This new headquarters is a space for all the employees of the company. The design is all about them, providing them with the workspaces they want in an environment focused on their health and well-being.

Stairs next to a wall of plants and greenery

Moreover, there is green everywhere inside the building. The design is full of open spaces that allow both light and air to flow from one area to another. Bright green plants surround the area, constantly providing clean, healthy air and beautiful spots of color.

Additional spaces in the office for employees

Further, Lemay handled the interior design that revolves around a minimalistic aesthetic. Warm touches of green and Earth tones create comfortable, relaxing spaces. Such healthy surroundings make for happier and more productive employees.

Big windows and recessed lighting also keep the interior bright. Exposed beams and glass walls contribute to the open, airy feeling. Even the areas that are separated are connected in a design that’s environmentally friendly, people-friendly and optimal for company productivity.

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Photography by Claude-Simon Langlois