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Zahavi Architects, House in Ashdod, ashdod, porthole windows, porcelain granite, sunrise portal, natural light, solar panels, water recycling system, open floor plan

To counteract the cramped urban environment, the architects swathed the house in shades of white to create the feeling of airy lightness and spaciousness. Large glass windows and reflective porcelain granite tiles that bring in and reflect natural light also enlarge the feel of the house. Designed as a “sunrise portal,” the first-floor living room is the first space to be flooded by sunlight, followed by the east wing with the master bedroom and swimming pool, and finally the west wing with the remaining private rooms. The open floor plan and tall ceiling help to make the house appear more spacious.

Upstairs, the house is divided into four private bedrooms, a family room, laundry room, gallery and balcony. Stairs lead to the rooftop, where a terrace and array of solar panels are located. On the ground level, the living room opens up to a second outdoor terrace and swimming pool. Three porthole-like windows in the basement floor overlook the swimming pool to bring in underwater light.

+ Zahavi Architects

Via ArchDaily

Images via Shai Epstein