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When Barney and Nancy Leonard decided to move out of Philadelphia to Chester County and build a new home, they knew the home would be super sustainable. They hired Matthew Moger of Moger Mehrhof Architects along with sustainability consultants Sustainable Solutions Corporation to create an integrated design solution and a beautiful home. Moger actually camped on the property with his daughter through a roaring storm to get a better sense of the land and how the home should be designed. The result is a modern and sustainable home inspired by the landscape and rural barn architecture, but built with local and natural materials in a way that should last for hundreds of years.

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Bragg Hill house is a large home designed for entertaining and lots of family and visitors with views of the landscape and a variety of ways to connect with the outdoors. Built with both passive and active solar design strategies, the home makes use of the sun’s free energy and shades it appropriately to avoid over heating. A geothermal heat pump and radiant floor heating provide energy efficient warmth, while natural ventilation strategies help cool the interior. Much of the wood in the home is reclaimed and either comes from trees felled from the property or other nearby sources. Local stone was used in retaining walls and the massive chimney prominently featured on the side of the home. Daylighting plays a strong role in the home’s interior and rainwater is harvested and stored in a cistern for use around the property. Finally, a photovoltaic system on the roof generates almost all the power needed to run the home.

Images ©Jeffrey Totaro

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