CC Arquitectos El Mirador House

Located on a slope overlooking a valley, the 459-square-meter residence sits below the level of the road, leaving the unique wooden rooftop shelter as the only visible part of the structure, blending in seamlessly with the valley’s natural contour. Adding to its nature-focused design, the architects installed a calming water basin on the roof with a large sculpture extending from the water.

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CC Arquitectos El Mirador House

“El Mirador is half buried on one of its sides with the purpose of protecting the habitation spaces from the climate where nature, views, and rustic finishes are the main components, seeking as a goal that these characteristics will last through time,” explained the studio, led by architect Manuel Cervantes Céspedes.

All of the home’s retaining walls were made from local stone, while other parts of the structure are constructed with a combination of repurposed steel beams and wooden sleepers from an old train line. Repurposed wooden railway sleepers were also used to build the wall that leads up to the stable and, in another effort to focus on the surrounding nature, conceals the residents’ cars.

The rustic feel of the exterior follows through into the interior design, where large timber planks make up the walls and floor-to-ceiling windows allow for awe-inspiring views of valley.

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Photography by Rafael Gamo