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BarlisWedlick Architects (formerly Dennis Wedlick Architects) was also responsible for the Hudson Passive Project, NY state’s first certified Passive House. Wedlick rounded up the same project team to design and build the Columbia Passive Townhouses for the Columbia County Habitat for Humanity (CCHfH) chapter. Completed in the spring of 2013, the townhouses were the first Habitat homes in New York state designed to achieve the Passive House standard.

“The Board is very proud and happy to be the first Habitat affiliate in New York State to invest in a building that is designed to achieve Passive House standards. This year is our 20th anniversary and we couldn’t have a better way to celebrate. Habitat is all about affordable home ownership for families,” said CCHfH President Janis Smythe. “The Columbia Passive Townhouses are affordable not only in their purchase cost and no-interest financing. These homes also offer their owners long-term financial sustainability as well because of the nominal energy required for heating.”

The two homes will each use 90% less energy for heating than in conventional construction and 70% less energy for all uses. They will also have improved air quality standards with the help of Energy Recovery Ventilating (ERV) system and has a super tight envelope that achieved an air-tightness score of less than 0.6 ACH @ 50 Pascals. Many volunteers worked to build the house and a number of firms donated time and materials to the project.

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+ Columbia County Habitat for Humanity

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