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Laura Bacon, sculptures, site-specific, waving, British art, Art, Botanical, Green Materials, Recycling / Compost, willow

Laura’s work is inspired by the way insects, animals and birds create their own nests using existing structures for support. Each of her intricate sculptures uses either organic or man-made structures as a ‘host’, developing from it. Forests, riverbanks, hedges, art galleries and even castles are all part of the artist’s working spaces.

Astonishing and biodegradable, the sculptures have been placed within London’s Saatchi Gallery, London Design Festival and even at the gorgeous Sudeley Castle within a Sotheby’s exhibition. Designed for climbing, hiding, walking through and admiring, Bacon’s work is both powerful and beautiful. Woven from the inside out, these extraordinary sculptures and spaces, can degrade back into nature when time’s up.

+ Laura Bacon

Via Ignant

Photos © Laura Bacon