The Brooklyn Grange is in the midst of recruiting a slew of new workers that are small and tough but produce incredibly sweet results — honeybees! The city’s largest rooftop farm, which boasts two sites in Brooklyn and in Queens, has been expanding their apiary, and recently transferred a whole colony of bees from a city fire hydrant to their spacious new digs on a Navy Yard roof. The busy bees are anticipated to create over 1,000 pounds of delicious honey this year alone!

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The Brooklyn Grange began in Queens when Farmer Ben Flanner started his own small rooftop farm that catered to locals and caught the attention of a few passionate New York City restaurants. Soon enough, a number of farm-to-table fans banded together, gained funding, and opened the first 2-acre Brooklyn Grange on a Long Island City rooftop. The farm was so successful that an even larger plot was sown in the Brooklyn Navy Yard as part of the area’s massive revitalization project. The apiary was one of many unique ideas that made the Grange a one of a kind creation.

Bees found around the city are carefully transferred into over 30 spacious hives (think mini luxury condos) to produce delicious honey. The team most recently doubled their good deeding by rescuing bees from a fire hydrant that needed to be reactivated for neighborhood safety. The bees safely found a new home and fire fighters reclaimed their hydrant, sting free! Keep an eye out for Brooklyn Grange honey coming soon!

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