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Santa Monica Parking Garages, Brooks + Scarpa, prefab shade screen, parking garage, santa monica, eco renovation

The main upgrade to the garages was to clad the exterior in a new shade screen, providing privacy and shade, as well as an a more attractive appearance. A single mass-produced and repeatable panel made up of a series of cement board slats, which resembles a shipping pallet, was used throughout the project. Measuring approximately 10 feet by 16 feet and arranged in a slightly different position or orientation relative to each adjacent panel, the appearance seems organic and non-repeating. Overall, the result is one that is aesthetically pleasing, visually diverse, and shades the cars and makes the garages seem more like buildings than just a place to park.

On the ground floor of the garages, a number of retail spaces were constructed to improve the streetscape so that the area surrounding the mall isn’t such a dead zone. Brooks + Scarpa also added a bike station to lock up your sweet cruiser, improved pedestrian access, signage and public art like a giant mosaic and a trippy metal ball installation. The garages are also equipped with the infrastructure to handle a future rooftop canopy solar system to provide shade for cars and electricity for the garages and some of the city’s public buildings.