Vegan options have moved into the mainstream, as evidenced by more and more fast-food chains offering plant-based dishes. In a radical move, Burger King has announced a meatless outlet in Cologne, Germany. The Burgerless King will only operate from June 7 until June 11.

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The fast food restaurant has already partnered with Dutch company The Vegetarian Butcher to serve vegan chicken nuggets and plant-based Rebel Whoppers in Germany. The Vegetarian Butcher will provide all the faux meat for the Cologne event as well. Burger King will debut its newest meatless sandwich, the Long Chicken, which is served with shredded lettuce on a long sesame seed bun coated with vegan mayonnaise.

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The restaurant hasn’t announced whether the meatless Cologne location will offer dairy-free cheese or other vegan condiments. Burger King has been muddling along in its plant-free journey internationally. At different times in different places, vegan bean burgers have sported eggy mayonnaise and dairy cheese. The restaurant’s condiments are now coming more in line with veganism. In Germany, workers cook the soy-based nuggets in a separate fryer. But in the U.K., the Rebel Whopper is still cooked on the same grill with beef burgers.

“So far, we have not found a way to capture the iconic flame-grilled taste of the Whopper, whilst also ensuring there is no cross-contamination of plant-based and meat products,” said a Burger King spokesperson, as reported by Live Kindly. “However, we’ll always continue to try and find flavorful solutions to our cooking methods, which appeal to as many of our guests as possible.”

Despite some vegan missteps, Burger King has made phenomenal strides. The brand has partnered with Australian v2Food to provide faux meats in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. In the U.S., Impossible Foods is responsible for the meatless Impossible Whopper. Burger King U.K. CEO Alasdair Murdoch stated an intention to make the U.K. menu 50% plant-based by 2031, as reported by Veg News.

Via Live Kindly and Veg News

Image via Julian Steenbergen