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Residents of the United Kingdom are outraged following Burger King’s timid announcement that trace amounts of horse DNA were found in meat at its production plant, and the scandal is proving to be a whopper to rein in. Previously believed to be spared the recent embarrassment faced by various UK retailers such as Tesco that were forced to pull their burgers from shelves, Burger King announced on Thursday night that there “very small trace levels” of horse DNA were discovered in their meat processed at the Silvercrest plant in Ireland. Social media sites have since been inundated with fiery outcry.

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The Guardian reports that Burger King’s nightmare public relations scenario began with a tweet from Diane Abbott, MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington. “Now Burger King drawn into contaminated burger scandal. Can you ever eat one again?” she tweeted. Other folks have vowed to never purchase another whopper from the fast food chain, which has been working overtime to stay the flood of criticism from consumers.

In addition to moving its plant from Silvercrest in Ireland to Germany and Italy, Burger King has taken out advertisements in all of the UK’s major newspapers, including the Sun, Star, and Times to apologize for the horse meat scandal that officials say poses no threat to public health. In other words, if climate change-enduced methane emissions caused by too many cows doesn’t worry you, or even obesity, then what’s a trace of horse in your burger going to change?

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