When Windsor Meats in Vancouver, Canada posted a funny joke the manager had seen online in their window, the last thing they expected was for the photo to circulate back to the original comedian. The blackboard in the shop’s window read: “Did you know? Vegans live 15 year longer because they aren’t invited anywhere fun or dangerous. Instead they stay at home crying and drinking, being careful not to cry into the drink because tears are a product of animal suffering.” A picture of the board quickly went viral, with meat-eaters everywhere using it as an opportunity to bash vegans and vegetarians for their “lack of humor.” The only problem? The original creator of the joke is a vegan himself.

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The joke, by the extremely funny Myq Kaplan, originally aired on Conan in 2012 (you can see the clip here — it’s around the 4:00 mark).  The key difference between the joke Kaplan told and the joke in the butcher shop window is that Kaplan is using self-deprecating humor, and the window display is mocking vegans as humorless killjoys.

Perhaps even more insulting than the way that the move stripped away the context of the joke and turned it into a mean-spirited jab is the fact that Kaplan wasn’t credited or acknowledged at all. In an angry post on his blog, Kaplan compared the lack of credit to “chopping off his face.” Luckily, once Kaplan realized his joke had been stolen, the manager of the butcher shop did come forward to apologize, stating that he saw a quick clip of the joke but didn’t think to research who had created it.

Via The Daily Dot