If you love the functionality of a cargo bike but prefer the fluid steering of an upright bicycle, you’ll love Butchers & Bicycles’ Mk1, a belted tilt-action cargo trike that combines the best of both worlds. Designed and built in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking district, the stylish front-loaded trike promises stability and functionality without compromising the fun of riding.

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Built to handle everything from transporting your groceries to picking up your kids, the sleek Mk1 comes equipped with a super durable front-loaded box and an easy access, child-proof transparent front door. Each belted tilt-action trike is built with a powder coated light weight aluminum frame, Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes and a smooth and seamless NuVinci N360 drivetrain.

Butchers & Bicycles have also created an electric version of the trike, titling it the Mk1-E. Extra components such as a hood and child seats with seat belts can be added to the bike. Available in black, white, or a combination of the two, the cargo trikes are now available for purchase at the starting retail price of $4,615 for the MK1 and $6,790 for the MK1-E.

You can click here to watch their edgy new trike in action!

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