The trend towards smaller, energy-efficient electric vehicles has created a market that is quickly being filled by young startups. Enter BG Automotive Group, which has recently announced that their mass-produced electric vehicle the C100 has just been approved by the Department of Transportation! Perfect for commuting and daily urban driving, the sprightly vehicle gets an impressive 60-120 miles per charge and will be available for less than $20,000.

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The C100 is a compact four-door, four-passenger neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV). Designed for daily commuters and short trips around town, the vehicle has a maximum speed of 35-45 miles per hour and is expected to cost from $15 to $18 thousand dollars. Charging couldn’t be easier – simply plug the vehicle into any regular wall outlet. A full set of safety features includes dual airbags and a sturdy steel body round out the package.

The company is currently moving full-speed ahead with its plans to produce the vehicle and is considering the possibility of manufacturing it within the United States, with the hope of producing 100,000 vehicles by 2010.

+ BG Automotive Group