Proposition 1 has passed, spelling at least some good news for Californians who faced one of the worst droughts in the state’s history this summer, and the fourth drought year in a row. Also known as the Water Bond, Proposition 1 sets aside a whopping $7.5 billion worth of funding for water projects aimed at things like water conservation, groundwater cleanup, and water storage.

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How does it work? The bond money will be allocated to different types of programs, including $2.7 billion for water storage and $1.5 billion for watershed restoration programs. Specific projects seeking funding will be required to go through a public competitive grant process to access the money.

According to the Huffington Post, California Democrat Governor, Jerry Brown was a huge supporter of the Water Bond. He even funded and appeared in two television ads supporting its passage and telling Californians it’s a way to better prepare the state for future dry periods, as well as a means of streamlining spending for one of the biggest concerns facing California.

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“It’s not just a collection of a little bit from here and a little bit from there,” Brown said in a recent speech to the San Diego County Water Authority. “It’s an integrated water plan that takes care of all the different aspects of what’s needed to invest and recycle water.”

The majority of opponents to Proposition 1 were environmentalists who are opposed to funding more dams in California because they say the best locations for dams in the state have already been developed and any new dams wouldn’t do much to help increase the water supply.

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