California’s crippling drought has forced many residents to cut back on water-wasting activities, but some companies are making the best of a bad situation by helping people keep their lawns looking good using a surprisingly solution – paint! Companies like Green Canary and LawnLift in California are painting dead and dormant brown lawns to create the illusion of a lush, healthy lawn that doesn’t need irrigating.

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California’s drought has wreaked havoc on the state, disrupting salmon spawning, increasing the risk of earthquakes and costing the state billions of dollars. And there is no sign of relief in sight because, according to some scientists, this could just be the beginning of a century-long drought. And while some celebrities are watering their lawns as though nothing has changed, some citizens are looking for ways to improve their water use without sacrificing the things they love.

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For some people, that means finding ways to keep lawns green without wasting water. Green Canary and LawnLift use an aqueous polymer to coat brown lawns, a solution that also suppresses weed growth in a way that isn’t toxic to the planet or people. It’s kind of like finding a way to have your cake and eat it too. And until the state finds a solution to the water crises, we’d say it’s a pretty good solution for those who can’t give up the lush look of a lawn.

Via The Guardian and the LA Times

Lead image via Shutterstock, image via Green Canary