“Is this for real? Yes. Is this a joke? No.” Cape Breton Island is serious about taking in American immigrants if Donald Trump wins the presidential election. All political ideologies are accepted on the northeastern Nova Scotia island, and – if Trump does win – may create an opportunity for the coastal region to build their population – instead of a wall.

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The Cape Breton If Donald Trump Wins website, created by a local DJ, touts all of the finer features of the island, including warm summers, rich cultural diversity, and North America’s first carbon neutral university campus. According to CNN, the “Trump Bump”  surge of interest in the island has resulted in at least one tourism association reporting increases in vacation bookings between 20 and 200 percent.

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“We are experiencing a bit of a population problem at the moment,” says the website. “We need people. We need you!” Cape Breton is about twice as big as Delaware and working to rebuild its coal mining heyday with the tourism industry. What seems to have started as a joke has morphed into a growing economy, thanks to those looking to escape either the 9 to 5 grind or a climate change-denying, immigrant-alienating, narcissistic, talking traffic cone hellbent on initiating the end of days.


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