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Fraser River House, Scott M. Kemp, timber home, salvaged wood, British Columbia

Located on the banks of the Fraser River near the village of Ladner, this eco residence takes full advantage of its river site for views as well as the relatively constant temperature of the water. A closed loop geothermal system hanging in the river below the dock works in tandem with a heat pump to provide hot water and radiant floor heating and cooling for the home. Solar passive design and high performance glazing reduce energy use along with a tight thermal envelope made from SIPs.

No trees were cut down for the home as the sustainable timber was sourced from salvaged logs harvested from an elk reserve on Vancouver Island. The trees were knocked down in strong storms and were presenting a fire hazard while also blocking the elks’ regular migratory path. The logs were milled and graded locally for use in the home as dimensional lumber, which was assembled into engineered beams to give the impression of large timber sections.

Additionally the home makes use of a roof with a high albedo to reflect the sun’s heat and an HRV (heat recovery ventilation) system improves energy efficiency. Floors are made from water-based, stained concrete, salvaged wood and natural wool carpeting and all the finishes are low VOC. Rainwater is harvested from the roof and used for irrigation of the riparian zone of native plants along the river’s edge. Construction of the home took 11 months and the owner was both the architect and contractor.

Images ©Scott M. Kemp