Priority Designs and Cannondale have joined forces to create a cutting-edge concept bike that transforms to change shape as you ride it! Known as the Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle (CERV), the forkless, chainless, and dynamically adjustable bicycle made its world debut at EUROBIKE last month where it was hailed for its innovative transformer-like design.

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The CERV features a unique “dynamically adjustable headset that moves both fore-and-aft and up-and-down” while a cyclist rides it. They system is designed so that the rider is always in an optimal position based on the terrain that they are riding on.

On the Priority Design website, the team state that “the headset translates forward and down for a clean, low-drag position when descending. When climbing, it moves up and back, creating a more upright position for maximum leverage on the crank. Doing all this with a traditional fork in place wasn’t going to cut it, so a single-sided swing arm was proposed. Designing a forkless front-end has its own challenges, integrating it into a multi-axis adjustable system is another degree of difficulty altogether.”

After the Cannondale team came up with the unique mechanical design, CERV mock-ups were built and all of the key components were tested. A revised concept illustration was then created and the team at Priority Designs were given the green light to turn the vision into a reality. Time will tell whether this new design will translate to everyday cyclists, but it is almost a guarantee that you will see something similar in the Tour De France over the next few years.

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