Electric vehicle maker Canoo has just delivered its first tactical vehicles to the U.S. Army. You might just want one of these for your own off-road use. These Jeep-like, all-terrain vehicles should offer a sustainable alternative to ICE vehicles for use in transporting goods and soldiers.

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Tactical EV on gravel for Army use

The Canoo vehicle being delivered is a light tactical vehicle prototype at the moment. In the future, it will be improved before scaling up more production. The startup shows what production off-road EVs could do while getting feedback from real-world use.

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Lineup of family vehicles by Canoo

The vehicle is titled LTV for Light Tactical Vehicle and is part of a contract Canoo won in July 2022. For now, a single prototype will be tested for analysis and demonstration purposes. This will be to see whether the Army wants to order more.

Pickup truck by Canoo with tent on roof

Canoo’s LTV has the same cab-forward design as the electric vans and pickup trucks Canoo is building for civilian production cars. The LTV, however, has a convertible platform behind the cab. Therefore, the truck can be used as a pickup or flatbed for more practical hauling.

Boxy delivery vehicle in front of shipping containers

Recently, Canoo switched focus from building EVs, such as the pickup EV, to creating delivery vehicles for large brands. Walmart and Zeeba have both signed contracts with the company to build a fleet of EV delivery trucks. The startup also makes a “lifestyle vehicle” with a 200-mile range, up to 350 horsepower and 121 cubic feet of storage. This vehicle lineup is targeted toward customers that want EVs for hauling, storage, camping and deliveries.

A construction worker unloading delivery vehicle

Furthermore, the LTV prototype has enough space in the back for standard-sized plywood sheets and tactical gear. The question is probably going to be how the vehicle performs in rough off-road conditions and how well it holds a charge. The all-wheel-drive powertrain also offers 600 horsepower, which is quite a bit, and the battery pack and passenger compartment come with extra Kevlar protection.

Gray delivery EV being unloaded

Air springs, a raised suspension and 32-inch, all-terrain tires have us wanting one of these vehicles for off-road civilian use. These add-ons give the LTV more capabilities than standard Canoo vehicles, but we can see a lot of civilians wanting to pay for these features to make their EVs more dirt road-ready haulers.

Canoo had been struggling but was propped back up by a Walmart order for 4,500 EV vans early in 2022. In October, Canoo announced an order from Zeeba, a fleet-management company, for 3,000 vans. The startup has also moved to the center of the United States from California and has moved from a subscription model to focusing on fleet deliveries, all of which sounds more practical and workable than the original design and business plan.

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