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Submitted by Ziwei Song, the utopian Skyvillage aims to foster social interaction and cultural exchange between the city’s four, currently separated quadrants: Downtown, Chinatown, Echo Park, and Temple Beaudry. Described as an “architecture organism,” the gigantic structure would incorporate mixed use programming to promote a car-free lifestyle. Although it’s not clear how people are meant to enter and exit the Skyvillage, or if the building is meant to function as a contained utopia a la “The Truman Show,” Song writes that residents would be able to easily fulfill all their living and entertainment needs within a half-mile radius.

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The giant pillars that support the building double as “green filtering towers” filled with vegetation to absorb freeway pollution. With pollution-fighting capabilities and a car-free, community-centered lifestyle, Skyvillage captures what many of us would love to see in our own neighborhoods. The problem, however, is that simply regurgitating our well-known desires into a futuristic and flashy skyscraper isn’t particularly helpful, especially when the proposed solution is one that literally steps over the problem rather than facing it head-on.

+ eVolo 2014 Skyscraper Competition

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