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The Ashmount Primary School is located in North London’s Crouch Hill Community Park, an ecologically rich landscape and community asset converted from a derelict piece of Metropolitan Open Land. The new buildings are optimized to maximize daylighting and views, while maintaining privacy and minimizing solar heat gain. Penoyre & Prasad achieves low energy and low carbon design targets by installing energy-efficient fixtures, the “e-stack” low-energy ventilation system with heat recovery, high levels of insulation, and construction materials that were at minimum 30% recycled and include low VOC elements and FSC-certified timber. At least 90% of the site waste was reused or recycled.

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In addition to energy conservation, the school produces its own energy. On-site renewable energy sources and a gas-fired CHP plant provide heat and power to the building and landscape. Excess heat and energy can be exported to neighboring residential buildings. In winter, the school is heated with a biomass boiler. Rainwater and graywater are recycled and used for irrigation and flushing toilets.

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