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Built as part of the 2013 Jinzhou World Landscape Art Expo, the Ceramic Museum is covered in a colorful mosaic of recycled ceramic materials that complements the museum display on ceramic art and history. Inside, the walls and ceilings are fragmented like “ice crack” lines in Longquan porcelain and coated in a semi-glossy finish. Irregularly shaped windows and skylights are scattered throughout the building, casting a constantly changing play of light and shadow.

The fragmented, circular surface of the Mosaic Garden also mimics the style of crackled Chinese porcelain. To create landscape art, the architects combined monochromatic flowerbeds and broken recycled ceramic tiles to form the brightly colored and irregularly shaped blocks of color. After the Expo ends, the building will become a small museum of porcelain and the park will be preserved as a central green space for the city of Jinzhou, which had once been a major producer of ceramics and porcelain.

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