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Lightweight and easily transportable, Centre Pompidou Mobile is an ephemeral building that is currently touring cities in France. Taking inspiration from the circus, the mobile museum consists of three flexible diamond-shaped tents that easily fold and unfold. The temporary structure is made from a taught waterproof plastic, and its colors reflect the original late-modernist museum’s exteriors.

In contrast to its bright exterior, the interiors are matte-white and plain, just like any other museum. One of the many exhibits on show is ‘Circles and Squares’, which uses universal forms to create curious optical effects, attracting visitors of all ages. The Centre Pompidou Mobile is a great way to introduce culture to small quiet cities that lack art hubs, and it’s a great example for other museums to follow.

+ Centre Pompidou Mobile

Via Ignant

Photo © Centre Pompidou and Studio Déclic Cambrai