Formerly the building site for WWI tanks in the UK, Lincoln’s new “Think Tank” is set to achieve BREEAM Excellent status. Designed by Marks Barsfield Architects, this beautiful innovation center is wrapped in a sustainable Rockpanel facade that refracts light and appears to change color like a chameleon depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Featuring 9 workshops, 23 offices, conference rooms, communal kitchens, a roof terrace and a garden, the building comprises one part of Lincoln’s new image as an enterprising innovation hub.

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A more cost effective alternative to fiber cement boards, the Rockpanel is made from sustainable rock and basalt and is 100% recyclable. This combined with glazing, an impenetrable envelope, 20 100m deep boreholes that supply the building’s water, and a seeded roof puts the center on the right path towards BREEAM Excellence. This is an awesome project that draws on its historical roots to give it meaning with an eye towards a more sustainable (and peaceful) future.

+ Marks Barfield Architects

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