Choosing a cheap, recyclable cardboard to protect one of the world’s most expensive olive oils is not the most obvious of design choices, but Spanish multidisciplinary design studio CuldeSac™ packed a sleek white porcelain bottle containing the green liquid inside a multilayered cardboard box. Designed to protect the oil while communicating its green values, Valencia-based El Poaig presents El Verd (The Green), an extra virgin produce that stands above all.

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El Poaig’s clever packaging is made from many layers of brown cardboard rectangles, attached by standard plastic seals. Once the box is open and the layers are peeled away, a delicate porcelain bottle containing the extra virgin liquid is unveiled. The oil is produced with the fruit from locally grown, native olive trees — some up to three thousand years old! The unique trees make for a unique and tasty produce that has floral, sweet and slightly bitter notes with a smell of freshly cut grass, walnuts and almonds.

Founded in 2002, the CuldeSac™ design studio is an ideas lab based in Valencia, where different fields of creatives work together to make products, interiors, branding, events and experiences.

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