Much has changed in the real estate and hospitality sectors in the past several years. The business models have shifted towards meeting demands and providing solutions for remote accommodations. A company called Moliving has brought a solution to the table that addresses these demands and more. 

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A box shaped building with stairs leading up to sitting in a forested area

Moliving units are basically mobile hotel rooms. The idea is to provide relatively on-demand units that offer flexibility and eco-friendly lodgings to meet traveler demands and trends.

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A wooden desk inside a brown-walled room that faces an open window

The cabins are each around 400 square feet and feature two outdoor decks for additional living area. The king bed can be converted into two twin beds. They can be customized using an innovative paneling system, making them an option for a variety of environments, from the beach to snowy mountains. 

A room with a large bed in the foreground and shelves and a TV in the background

Once an individual or company is ready to provide land for the Moliving units, the company builds them in alignment with the client’s needs. The units are locally prefabricated to reduce transport emissions, and they provide on-site accommodations within months, instead of the years it typically takes to build a new hotel or row of cabins. In addition, if demand drops in the area, the Moliving units are easily moved to another location with minimal site impact

A white-walled living room with a TV set on a wall with a sofa facing it

Each Moliving Unit can be fully self-sufficient or hooked into the primary utilities on the land. They can be placed for off-grid use where they rely on solar panels and lithium battery technology to store energy. To minimize fresh water consumption, a gray water recycling system is available. UV technology offers a solution for sanitization with minimal water requirements. Smart technology like hands-free electronics and a seamless tablet control integration provide the modern amenities expected in upscale accommodations.

Interior white room opening into a hallway with shelves and floor length windows

“Companies have tried repurposing RVs, using shipping containers as hotel rooms, but early on it was clear to us that no one has been able to create the luxury hotel experience customers crave with the mobility seasonal owners actually need,” said Moliving CEO Jordan Bem. “So we started over and created a product entirely from scratch that’s tailor-made specifically for the hospitality industry. Moliving is a true ultra-luxury hotel solution that can be quickly and efficiently relocated to achieve peak occupancy year-round.”

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