Tesla cars aren’t just for adults anymore. Kids can now zoom around in Radio Flyer‘s tiny Tesla Model S car, complete with the iconic Tesla logo and lithium ion batteries. Taking a cue from the car it is based on, Radio Flyer says their trendy toy runs longer and charges faster than competing products (though maybe not quite as good as the original).

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Radio Flyer aimed to take the luxury experience of driving a Tesla and shrink it to fit kids ages three to eight. Their snazzy little Model S comes equipped with an MP3 sound system and working headlights and brakes. There’s enough room to fit a soccer ball and football in the frunk, or front trunk. Kids can whirl around in red, blue, silver, or white mini Teslas, peaking at top speeds of six miles per hour, although parents can also limit the speed to three miles per hour. Wheel rims can be silver or matte black.

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Many competing battery-powered toy cars have lead acid batteries instead of lithium ion batteries and have to charge overnight. In contrast, Radio Flyer’s Tesla can charge in a speedy three hours. The teeny Tesla plugs in just like the full size version, or batteries can be charged outside the car.

Radio Flyer’s Model S comes with a 130 Wh standard battery, which allows the car to run for about one to two hours, or parents can spring for the 190 Wh premium battery, which is an extra $60 and will allow kids to drive the car for up to three hours. Upgrades include features like customizable $20 license plates and $25 parking signs, and even a cute car cover that’s just about identical to the real Tesla car cover. The car has a weight capacity of 81 pounds.

Radio Flyer’s Tesla Model S starts at $499; you can customize a car here.

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