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Bachor is not new to the street art scene, with some of his previous pothole projects including beautiful floral designs and subway-tile text. His style of guerilla street art is especially charming not only because the mosaics are lovely to look at, improving the overall aesthetics of the city, but because they also offer such important protection for travelers. Kudos to Bachor for utilizing his gifts to help his fellow city-dwellers in a time of burdened infrastructure budgeting.

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The pothole street art market is not cornered by Bachor, though. Some folks are taking extreme measures to get the attention of city officials. Take “Wanksy,” for example, the Manchester man who paints rudimentary penis drawings around potholes so they will be repaired sooner. Yet, we can learn from Bachor that these pesky potholes can be glammed up, and eventually professionally repaired, without resorting to being “dickish.”

+ Jim Bachor

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Images via Jim Bachor