Storytelling design is the first step towards a healthier future for patients at the Evangelisches Konigin Elizabeth Krankenhaus children’s psychiatric hospital in Berlin. Designed as a collaborative effort between the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Dan Pearlman Creative Agency, the center creates a fantastic narrative that guides patients on a journey to “Elise Island”, a safe place to play and rest hosted by Princess Elise.

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The Evangelisches Konigin Elizabeth Krankenhaus spans three colorful rooms — the ‘Sandburg’ (sand castle), the ‘Palmehutte’ (palm hut), and the ‘Klipper’ (clipper ship). Each room is designed with shape, color, materials, light, and fresh air in mind to help promote a positive atmosphere and meet the demands of the young patients and therapeutical staff.

The interior design of the facility is a vital part of the treatment for the occupants at Elise Island. Sustainable design was taken into the account with regards to the environment, but in this instance it also plays a vital role in improving the health of the patients. Those behind the Elise Island project believe that creativity can be harnessed and used as a social resource. We certainly agree.

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