Visualization of Shanghai with 4c rise in global temperatures

The images show major cities, including London, Shanghai, Mumbai, Rio de Janiero, Durban, and New York City, flooded with water, submerging streets and buildings. The series includes two sets of images: one that pictures how the world will look in a “best case” scenario where global temperature increase is limited to 2°C (3.6°F).  This is the upper limit most experts and climate organizations are hoping to set. Even if we manage to cut back on carbon emissions and limit the damage, Lamm’s images make clear that life will still have to change for residents of the affected cities.

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Visualization of London with 4c rise in global temperatures

The second set of images shows the likely results if world governments continue with “business as usual.” If nothing is done now, research shows that global sea levels could rise by as much as  14–32 feet (4.3–9.9 meters). Lamm’s images show that potential future will be just as devastating as you might expect.

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Images via Climate Central