Need detachable headlights or augmented reality in your car? Chinese automaker GAC Motor has you covered. They unveiled a concept car at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit that boasts these features – and a range of 370 miles on one charge. GAC debuted the compact new-energy SUV as part of their effort to start selling cars in America next year.

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Gull-wing doors and a flatscreen dashboard are among the flashy features included in the Enverge. The concept car offers virtual reality screens in side windows and removable fog lamps – dubbed G-Torches – that also serve as flashlights for exploring.

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And then there’s the alleged range of the car – which at 370 miles on one charge is farther than the Tesla Model 3, The Verge pointed out. The 71 kilowatt-hour battery can be charged wirelessly – and 10 minutes could reportedly provide drivers with a range of 240 miles.

Will the Enverge see the light of day beyond car shows? That remains to be seen – in a press release GAC Motor seemed to indicate they presented the car to show off “the company’s cutting-edge technologies and tremendous potential in the fields of vehicle electrification, networking, and intelligent system.” The company also unveiled the GA4 sedan, designed as a family car.

GAC Motor, GA4, GAC GA4, sedan, car, vehicle

GAC Motor sold around 500,000 cars in China last year. Inhabitat covered GAC Motor last year when they started construction on a $6.5 billion electric vehicle park to manufacture EVs and self-driving cars. GAC Motor is reportedly talking with Fiat Chrysler about distributing cars in America. The company said they showed their cars at the auto show to demonstrate “the brand’s sincerity and determination to enter the North American market” – a move which could happen in 2019.

Via The Verge, Engadget, and GAC Motor/PRNewswire

Images via GAC Motor/PRNewswire