Stop thinking of Chipotle as just another restaurant and start thinking of it as a great new clothing line. The well-known Mexican chain has launched Chipotle Goods, a line of sustainable clothing made with responsibly-sourced materials. All the clothing line’s profits will support organizations that make fashion and farming more sustainable and better for the planet.

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to the left, a spread of clothing including a denim jacket, peach-colored t-shirt, dark red tank top and red flip-flops that says "chips" and "guac." to the right is text reading "Chipotle Goods."

Though this move may seem odd, the news won’t shock those who know Chipotle’s record. Since 2012 when Chipotle Mexican Grill began purchasing cotton for uniforms, the company has committed to supporting organic cotton farmers. For years, Chipotle has remained one of the U.S.’s biggest buyers of Global Organic Textile Standard cotton.

to the left, texts that reads "Thoughtfully made from the inside out. Chipotle Goods." to the right, a white jacket with the words "It's okay to be a little extra" sewed into the lining.

And with Mexican food on the menu, Chipotle also remains one of the country’s biggest avocado buyers. So, what’s the outcome of combining organic cotton and avocados? That’s right: sustainable clothing.

a peach-colored shirt with text overlayed that reads "Chipotle Goods."

The Chipotle Goods clothing line uses fabric dyed with upcycled avocado pits from Chipotle restaurants. Simmering the pits in water creates a natural ink that Chipotle uses to create custom designs.

a white tote bag with black text that reads "It's okay to be a little extra."

Such designs include some truly unique pieces, such as an avocado-lined jacket, graphic T-shirts and avocado-dyed totes. The collection also includes sweatshirts, leggings, hats, water bottles, camisoles and baby items. You can show off your sustainable style with a cute foil clutch, or show off your appetite with sandals that announce your love chips and guac. The collection includes lots of cute graphic socks, too. Chipotle Goods even offers a sustainable phone case!

a black denim jacket with an interior lining with a pattern of red chili peppers.

Additionally, Chipotle Goods focuses on providing inclusive, gender-neutral clothing. Unisex clothing and sizing features heavily throughout the collection.

black flip-flops that say "chips" and "guac."

Sustainable clothing lines show manufacturers and buyers that great fashion doesn’t have to rely on non-renewable resources. Chipotle may be a surprising pioneer in the sustainable fashion world, but this restaurant sets a standard that, hopefully, many others will choose to follow.

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