Renting helmets to Citi Bike users is a business model that quite a few people pondered, but most couldn’t get past the idea of wrapping your skull with someone else’s sweat. Luckily, the brainiacs over at Bike and Roll New York City were able to come up with a simple solution – sanitizing them! According to Gothamist, the rental helmets are sprayed with Lysol and all-purpose cleaner after each use, but is that enough for most people to get over the eww factor?

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Bike and Roll will be doling out the rental helmets to Citi Bike (and other) riders for $3/day and $15/week. The company, which also rents its own bikes, says that each helmet will be sprayed and sanitized after each use and staff members will also check them for damage and cracks.

The rental helmets can be picked up at ten Bike and Roll locations around the city.

+ Bike and Roll NYC

Via Gothamist