Beach-loving New Yorkers typically have to travel outside of Manhattan to get their fix of sparking white sand, but all of that could change if City Beach NYC gets its way. Created by designer Blayne Ross, workshop/apd and Craft Engineering Studio, City Beach NYC is a budding concept that wants to dock a floating artificial beach along the shores of Manhattan by 2016. The creators say that the pop-up beach, which would be self-contained on a floating barge, would ideally be located near the West Village in the Hudson River.

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Still in its early phases, the ambitious City Beach NYC project is testing the waters with a Thunderclap campaign before it launches their Kickstarter at the end of next week. Although the flashy renderings don’t make the temporary beach look too large, Ross has said that the barge could hold 600 to 700 people. Built on a reclaimed deck barge, the double decker City Beach NYC also plans to offer a mix of retail and dining options on the upper floor as well as changing rooms and a marine science exhibit on the lower level. The curved roofline will also offer residents unobstructed views of the city skyline and create an amphitheater-like effect.

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“Having a white-sand beach located on the banks of the Hudson River gives access to a favorite summer location without requiring travel to outer boroughs,” said Ross, “It’s an exciting time for our waterways in New York. With projects like this, we have the opportunity to create a space that enhances the summer experience in Manhattan and support the City and State Waterfront Revitalization Initiative, improving the quality of life for our residents.” According to their Thunderclap campaign, the creators estimate that it will take approximately $200,000 to take their drawings from concept to construction documents.

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