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The Galerie Karsten Greve in Paris will be presenting a solo show of Claire Morgan’s works entitled “Quietus” through November 3rd. The exhibition will include her intricate, hanging sculptures as well as drawings and paintings on paper and canvas. Composed of taxidermy, dried plants and insects, found objects, and recycled materials, her work  comments on society’s desire to manipulate and create order, many times at the expense of living beings as well as the notion of life itself.

Speaking of her work, Morgan states, “my attention has been drawn to the cheap distractions we choose to place in our immediate vicinity, with which to screen us from the overwhelming facts; that we are nothing; that our only certainty as individuals is a life, of unspecified duration, and then a death.”

Each floating element of her larger installations is certainly hanging by a literal precarious thread, delicately playing a role in the makeup of the larger picture, ready to eventually be cut loose at the end of the exhibition. Fragile, beautiful, and carefully constructed, “Quietus” lets the viewer both marvel at the beauty of her craftsmanship, and reflect on the inevitability of its dissolution.

+ Claire Morgan

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