Not since the advent of the tin can telephone have we seen such an ingenious use for cast-off cans! Designer and recent graduate of Northumbria University Jack Bresnahan has created a set of nine lids that will turn any ordinary can into an industrial-chic container that looks like it came from a museum store. Made from biodegradable plastic, the sterile-looking white lids will transform a can into a vase, soap dispenser, sugar caster, tea and coffee canisters, toothbrush holder, money box, or desk organizer.

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Jack Bresnahan recently showed his collection of can lids at the New Designers exhibition in London. Bresnahan says that “concentration should be given to a product’s life from birth to death and designers should take responsibility for their products when they eventually need to be disposed of.” The standard “tin” can was patented in 1810, but since the 1960’s they have been made primarily with aluminum, making them entirely recyclable, corrosion resistant, and durable.

Far superior in style to competitive products, such as those cheap looking plastic lids used for half eaten dog food, these clever lids will make you anxious to feed fido so that you can salvage the can. We applaud Bresnahan’s concepts and hope to see them commercially available in the future.

+ Northumbria University

Via Dezeen