A Dutch consortium of companies has teamed up to propose an ambitious city landmark — the Spiral Tower, an eco-friendly urban attraction, could be the “world’s first climate-neutral high-rise attraction.” KCI, Bosch Rexroth, HILLEBRAND and NorthernLight collaborated on the unique project that not only serves as an observation tower but also generates renewable energy. The Netherlands-based team has communicated with cities around the world to launch the first-ever Spiral Tower. This approach combines sustainability and tech for an immersive experience.

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a rendering of a tall, spiral tower on a green lawn in a park. several ball-shaped capsules spiral up and down the building. toward the base of the tower is a rooftop with blue circles on it.

Modeled after the London Eye and Dubai Wheel, the Spiral Tower will feature four to 16 passenger cabins, but with a smaller physical footprint. “The innovative construction lets autonomous electric cabins, that on their way down regenerate energy like an electric car, magically spiral up the tower,” says Peter Doesburg, sales manager at Bosch Rexroth. “And the cabin windows offer augmented reality information about must-see city spots, historic highlights, new urban developments and sustainable initiatives,” adds Peter Slavenburg, director of NorthernLight, the design company behind the concept.

a rendering of the spiral tower against a white background, with blue text giving specs on the tower.

The Spiral Tower would use a lightweight steel frame and circular materials for minimal environmental impact. To meet climate-neutral targets, the proposal features integrated solar panels, vertical gardens and an urban windmill at the top. An intelligent control system would operate the tower, and the building could be combined with hotel or office programming. 

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a close-up on the top of the spiral tower, featuring several capusles and greenery showing through a white mesh facade.

Each cabin — dubbed “capsule” for its spherical shape — could hold up to 12 people, with clearly separated group areas in response to social distancing. Depending on the tower’s height, which could range between 60 to 150 meters, the time per ride would take three to 10 minutes. Rides would offer 360-degree panoramic views as the capsules spiral up and down the building. The designers estimate a capacity of 500,000 to 3 million visitors a year. 

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Images by NorthernLight